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"ERP and ERP Store & Archive automates document workflow and stores the incoming & outgoing business documents at a central location for further reference & usage at a later point of time, thus automating the entire information flow and save cost and effort."

Enterprises have invested in variety of software applications like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), in house applications like Finance/Accounting (FI), Controlling (CO), Project System (PS), Funds Management (FM), Materials Management (MM), and Sales Distribution (SD). etc. for efficiently managing the key business processes.

These business applications generate and process critical documents like Purchase orders, Invoices, Sales Quotes, Order acknowledgements etc. continuously with its customers, partners, suppliers and vendors.

ERP and ERP Store & Arhchive customizes the document workflow by indexing, storing & archiving critical business documents in a centralized location.

The documents generated by a user can be sent for approval, appended with digital signatures, overlaid with company logos etc before delivering the documents. The manual process of the document exchange within the enterprise can be automated using ERP and ERP Store & Archive

ERP and ERP Store Archive Connector
ERP and ERP Store Archive Connector is a light weight software program integrated with SAP enterprise application. ERP and ERP Store Archive Connector facilitates the user to capture document for indexing

ERP and ERP Store Archive Style Applier
The captured document is overlaid by digital signature and other customizations with the help of ERP and ERP Store Archive Style Applier and indexes the documents.

ERP and ERP Store Archive Transmitter
Transmits the document to ERP and ERP to a centralized Web portal where authenticated users can view the status of the document, append and update in the web portal.