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"Rapid Integration with the Enterprise applications is one of the key factor why our customers choose ERP and ERP Connect. Our Products are built using XML & Web Services technology."

ERP and ERP Connect provides the secure and cost effective way to automate the exchange of business documents from within the Enterprise applications. ERP and ERP Connect is built using XML & Web Services technology enabling the rapid integration with enterprise applications, including legacy systems.

ERP and ERP Connect enables enterprises to reduce costs and optimize business performance by providing an efficient solution for delivering the business documents as per the customer choice. For eg. Fax, Print, Email, Web, or Wireless from within their enterprise applications.

Integrate, Capture
  • ERP and ERP Connect captures the XML output from any Enterprise Applications like ERP, CRM & Legacy Applications
Transfer the Captured Data/Document to ERP and ERP Server
  • Transfer the business document to the ERP and ERP Server located in the network or elsewhere.
  • SOAP Protocol - The business document is sent to the ERP and ERP Server as SOAP attachment via internet or intranet.
Transform, Automate, Exchange the Data/Documents across the Business Boundaries
  • Transform
    • Convert & Format - the business document to XML by applying XML Format Descriptor Stylesheet
    • Overlay - XSL Style Sheet to XML to generate a PDF output
  • Automate - the Workflow
Deliver / Exchange
  • Deliver / Exchange- the generated PDF output into various deliver modes like EDI, Email, Fax, Print, RFID, Scan, Web, Wireless, XML.
Business Value
  • Secured exchange and rapid integration of data & documents from within and across enterprises, providing wide information flow automation.