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Healthcare Business Process and Information Technology Solutions

ERP and ERP partners with its clients to offer customized healthcare software solutions that focus on:

  • Addressing and improving Patientís health, safety, and satisfaction
  • Generating and building a regular revenue stream
  • Slashing your capital outlay
  • Making use of Clinicians most effectively and efficiently
  • Achieving excellent ROI (return on investment)

ERP and ERP offers the following healthcare services to address the needs of various healthcare segments.

Clinical Decision Support

Healthcare professionals effectively use CDS systems to provide improved patient safety and improved quality of care. Clinical decision support systems are very useful in the entire clinical process right from diagnosis and investigation to treatment and long-term care.

Disease Management

Disease Management software provides various features to analyze and monitor the health information of a patient in regard to various diseases.

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)

An EMR (electronic medical record) system is a medical record that handles the entire data related to a patient such as his disease, personal information, visits to hospital, and much more. Although EMR is a variant of prescription chart, it nonetheless provides a lot more functionality like e-Prescribing and Clinical decision support.


e-Prescribing software enables healthcare providers to electronically send the prescriptions to the pharmacies. As we all know it is cumbersome to figure out illegible handwriting of physicians and the features in this software not only eliminate the need to decipher the handwritten prescriptions but also ensure a speedy disposal of drugs to the patient.

Integration & Standards

Software integration in the healthcare realm is often driven by the HL7 messaging, CCD, and CDA standards. Only after standards such as these, and ICD-9-CM, and SNOMED evolved that it has become possible to share and index complex data.

Medical Billing Software

Medical billing software has a number of features that make it easy for clinicians to process their claims after delivering health care to patients. It is often integrated with other healthcare software components like practice management and EMR.

Medical Coding Software

Medical Coding software employs various features to write standardized information about a patientís health condition and the medical therapy provided to him. Insurance providers use these codes for their billing purposes.

Medical Device Software

Usually, the medical device software is either embedded into the device itself and if not it is ported onto the external device to which it should connect. The data on the medical device is claimed to be very useful for that patient as the data could be easily retrieved when most needed and could be carried anywhere.

Medical Scheduling Software

Medical scheduling software has various features that make it easy to schedule clinicians, patients, and resources so that the physician can concentrate his core competence of providing healthcare consultancy to his patients.

Medication Management

Medication Management Solution enables you to deliver best results based on the patientís medical record available in the database, the best practices, provider of the insurance, and the medication list.

Telemedicine/Connected Health

Telemedicine has brought about a complete new aspect to the way healthcare is offered. It allows patients who are away from home to obtain less expensive and time-consuming treatment by contacting a local physician instead of approaching an emergency care unit.